Baltimore Tattoo Parlor Covers Racist Ink for Free

(NSFW Language Warning)

Dave Cutlip, owner of Southside Tattoo Parlor on Richie Highway in Brooklyn Park, offers free cover-ups for any gang-related or racist tattoos.

He explains why he wanted to offer the service to people: "I had someone come in that wanted, they had B.G.F (Black Guerilla Family) on their face and asked if I could cover it up. There was nothing I could do to cover it up. I felt bad for him, I could see that it bothered him."

Dave's family set up a GoFundMe for donations to pay for the cost of the coverups, but says he has yet to take any of it and plans to use it for more expensive removal processes.

The initial post went viral on Facebook, with over 28k likes and 26k shares. Southside has already shared photos of dozens of tattoos they have covered free of charge on their Facebook page. Great story for a city that could use some good news.

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