Real Talk: What is a Baltimore Hot Dog?

A post was made on reddit, showing an illustrated guide to how hot dogs are prepared around the globe. The post is from a guide Food Republic posted in 2010, but it has come back into the spotlight over how they have depicted the Baltimore hot dog.

According to the guide, a Baltimore hot dog is "Fried bologna wrapped around a fried hot dog with mustard in a squishy bun."

Many fine folk of the city have chimed in, with many saying they have never seen a hot dog prepared the way it is supposedly prepared.

Some say a Baltimore hot dog should be the one topped with crab meat and mac & chesse, or one that's been split and grilled, and that Pollock Johnny's is the best hot dog you'll find in the city. Camden Yards just introduced an Esskay hot dog topped with burnt ends briket, pickled onions and pickled coleslaw.

But a few argue that indeed a dog wrapped in fried bologna is a thing, and is sold at Attman's, Lenny's and Miller's.

Where do you stand?

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