The Orioles Are Going to Wear These Freakin' Sweet Maryland State Flag Jerseys

The Baltimore Orioles are set to wear a new special edition uniform on Saturday, May 13th to celebrate Maryland Day. The uniforms are donned with the Maryland state flag in the Orioles script on the jersey as well ad the bill of the cap. Who knew it was Maryland Day? Probably no one, but who cares when you get these freakin' sweet jerseys.

In recent years, MLB teams have introduced special one-day-only jerseys for Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day and Independence Day. But to no one's surprise, these new Maryland flag uniforms are hands down the best ones the Orioles will wear. 

The other ones are okay (see photos below). Mother's Day pink? Not bad. Father's Day baby blue? Meh. Memorial Day camouflage? Getting warmer. 4th of July stars? Predictable.

Now, the Maryland state flag version wins easily because unlike the other special occasion jerseys, this one it tailored for the Orioles instead of it being a one-idea-fits-all 30 MLB teams.

Our boys haven't even worn these new ones on the field yet, but we already want to see them multiple times this season. Let's find some loosely-relevant days for excuses.

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