Fake "Homeless" Person Gets Exposed for Scamming People

A woman who apparently is often seen begging for money on the side of the road in Richmond gets exposed as being fake in this video.

The clip starts showing the woman holding a sign on the side of a couple of different streets, presumably asking for money under the guise of being homeless.

Then, she is seen going towards her car in the parking lot of a nearby McDonalds which prompts the cameraman to confront her. He asks why she is begging for money when she drives a relatively new car (an AWD Fiat which retails for at least $20,000). 

The woman is shamed for taking advantage of people and scamming them when she is clearly not what she makes herself out to be.

It appears she has perhaps some sort of mental disorder which is a whole other topic, but just the fact that this stuff happens is what blows our minds.

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