This is the DIRTIEST Hotel Room in America... And Of Course It's in Maryland

(NSFW Language/Disturbing Content Warning)

One man has made it his mission to find the worst hotel rooms in America, and he might have just found the worst one yet. And of course it's in Maryland.

The Swan Motel is in right inside the Baltimore beltway off of Route 1 in Halethorpe. A room is just $40 per night but after watching the video, it's overpriced by at least $115.

As soon as the team pulls into the parking lot, they know it's going to be bad. One of the rooms' doors is wide open for no reason at all. 

Among the findings:

  • Used q-tips
  • Multiple blood splatters on every wall
  • Fruit flies
  • Painted cardboard ceiling
  • Blood stains in the carpet
  • Earwax on the window curtain
  • Dirty hand towels that appear to have been used as toilet paper

After watching this, we're not sure if we ever want to stay in hotel room ever again.

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