The XFL Set to Return in 2020 According to Rumors

The XFL, the pro football league that lasted one season in 2001, is set for a comeback in 2020. WWE owner Vince McMahon is set to officially announce the return on January 25th.

While the original XFL was a joint venture between the WWE, and NBC, this time McMahon is funding the league through his company Alpha Entertainment, a separate entity that was recently created through McMahon's sale of nearly $100 million of WWE stocks.

The XFL was meant to provide pro football outside of the NFL season. It incorporated various professional wrestling elements and featured eight teams. The rules were promoted to be more lax than the NFL. Due to a steep nosedive in ratings following a successful first game, NBC cut its contract after one season. The league reportedly lost around $35 million.

McMahon was granted an extension to the XFL trademark in 2015.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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