Baltimore Bridge In Dire Need of Repair to Cost $100M+

The Hanover Street Bridge in Baltimore is in such bad shape that the city is planning on essentially rebuilding it, citing the condition of the bridge has given people "grave concerns." The repair work on the bridge has been estimated as having a cost of more than $100 million and will start next spring, despite the concerns of many who believe immediate action needs to be taken due to the visible deterioration.

According to the The Baltimore Sun, City Councilmen Ed Resinger and Eric Costello wrote a letter to Transportation director Michelle Pourciau, saying, "My concern is cars are driving over and there are holes in the bridge. It's got to be done now."

There were reportedly 41 property damage claims filed in 2017 by people who said their vehicles sustained damage from driving on the bridge. The repair plan that would begin in 2019 would start with repairing the surface of the bridge.

Further concerns have arisen due to the expected Port Covington development by Under Armour's Kevin Plank. The Hanover Street Bridge would be one of the main routes into that area.

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