Natty Boh Unveils Crab Shack Shandy, First New Beer in 30 Years

Natty Boh, one of Baltimore's favorite beers, is coming out in a new variety this summer. Today (March 6), the National Bohemian Beer Company announced the Crab Shack Shandy, a new beer that will be available now through the end of summer.

A spokesperson for Natty Boh says, "We are incredibly excited to introduce Crab Shack Shandy. Natty Boh has been a staple of this region since 1885, and our hope is that the Crab Shack Shandy will continue to build upon that legacy. We worked hard to create a brew for the summer season that truly represents the same laid-back, 'pleasant-living' philosophy that the Chesapeake region is known for."

The beer is described as a straw-colored lager "infused with notes of citrus and a hint of lemon and orange zest, overlaid with finely roasted malt flavor. Light-bodied and easy-to-drink, the shandy culminates in a white foamy head and a quick, dry finish."

Even though the beer has the words "crab shack" and "shandy" in it's name, the beer contains neither crab spices like Frederick's Flying Dog Dead Rise Summer Ale, nor is it a true shandy, which is a beer mixed roughly 50/50 with either a carbonated fruit-flavored soft drink or fruit juice like lemonade or orange juice. 

The beer will be available in 16 oz. can six-packs and 12 oz. can twelve-packs.

Source: PR Newswire

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