Audi Releases Tech With Red Light Timers for DC

Audi has just rolled out their Vehicle-to-Infrastructure AKA V2I technology in the DC area. The technology will be able to tell drivers of a few newer models of Audi vehicles exactly how long you have until a light turns green at about 600 intersections in DC. 

The feature integrates with a service called Traffic Technology Services which provides data between a "connected" traffic light and an Audi with an active Audi Connect Prime subscription via LTE. Some emergency vehicles interface with Traffic Technology Services and are able to control traffic lights to ensure safer passage to their destination.

V2I is being touted as a safety feature and that it will alleviate some traffic. In addition to the red light timer, it is also able to provide real-time directions based on congestion and speed suggestions based on the timing of successive lights among other things.

The feature is currently available on 2017 and 2018 A4, Q7 and Allroad models. It has already been rolled out in parts of Dallas and Houston, TX, Palo Alto and Arcadia, CA, Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado.

Source: Fox 5 DC 

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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