Free Chair Ads Hit Baltimore Craigslist from People Saving Spots

Another snowstorm in Baltimore. You know what that means: countless lawn chairs on the sides of roads from people claiming parking spots. We get it, there are people who shovel out spots in front of their homes and want to be able to park there since they did all of that work. Some argue if you can't shovel out your own spot, you shouldn't own a home in the city. Others say no one technically owns a parking spot on a public street, so game on.

This year, someone who is sick of people reserving spots with lawn chairs is getting some passive aggressive revenge by taking a photo of a spot being reserved with chairs and posting to Craigslist saying the chairs are free. 

The ad is listed in the Patterson Park area and reads, "No need to knock on the door - just haul them away!"

No word if anyone has decided to take the "offer."

Photo: Craigslist

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