Hyperloop DC - Baltimore Map Revealed by The Boring Company

Elon Musk's The Boring Company has revealed the route that it's "Hyperloop" would take between Washington, DC and Baltimore. The proposed route would bypass traffic by being built underground, using electric skates to propel trains at high speeds that would result in a transit between DC and Baltimore that takes about 15 minutes.

The proposal says, "The DC-to-Baltimore Loop would consist of the construction of a set of parallel, twin underground tunnels." The proposed path runs directly under the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and New York Avenue in DC. The tunnels themselves will be at least 30 feet underground.

This new tunnel, The Boring Company says, would take between 12-20 months to complete. It is planned to be part of a Hyperloop that would eventually extend to New York City, with faster trains that would complete a trip between DC and NYC in just 30 minutes.

Source: Inverse.com

Photo Credits: Getty Images/The Boring Company

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