Baltimore Drivers Who "Block the Box" Will Start Getting Fines

The City of Baltimore is trying to address the issue of downtown gridlock with a new fine that will take effect in a couple of months. Drivers who "block the box" or fail to try to make it through an intersection before a traffic light turns red, blocking cars from being able to pass through that intersection will be subjected to a fine and points on their license.

Traffic enforcement officers will start issuing warnings to those drivers who "block the box" starting in May, and will be able to write a $90 ticket beginning in June. The fine also results in one point being added to the driver's license. 

Public opinions on the matter go both ways. Many people are happy about the decision, citing that in many other major cities the fines have been in place for a while and that the decision can only help relieve some of the rush hour traffic downtown. Others argue that sometimes it's unavoidable getting stuck in an intersection downtown, and that traffic enforcement officers stopping motorists to issue fines will only back up traffic more. 

The city also recently proposed fines for drivers who use bus-only lanes downtown with a $100 fine. 

Source: FOX Baltimore

Photo: Getty Images

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