Dude Finds Smuggled Heroin in Flea Market Nintendo Games

A classic video game collector, Emmett Turner on YouTube, does regular vlogs showing off games that he picks up from yard sales, online and at nearby flea markets. He's adept at fixing broken games and reselling them for profit as well.

In a video he shot recently, two classic Nintendo games he bought from a flea market came with a bit of an extra surprise. Emmett says when he bought the games Rollergames and Golf, he noticed they were a lot heavier than they should have been. He says the Rollergames cartridge in particular was a European version and had been deliberately modified which didn't make much sense for a game you'd find at a flea market.

Lo and behold, he finds the two games each have two sealed foil bags inside of them upon opening the cartridges up (Skip to about 9:00 to get to the good part). Inside the packages were what is believe to be heroin. Apparently, drug smuggling using Nintendo game cartridges is a new way to ship them overseas. 

Emmett immediately calls the police and they show up to confiscate the four bags of drugs. 

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