Best Crabcake in Maryland, Chosen by Marylanders

Patch Bel Air asked their viewers, "Who has the best crabcake in Maryland?" and ended up with a list of 7 places that came out on top after nearly 2,000 people chimed in.

Two restaurants tied for having the most votes for best crabcake: Pappas (which has three locations) and Box Hill Pizzeria in Abingdon. 

Pappas may be the better known of the two, proudly claiming to have the best crabcakes in Maryland in bold lettering at the top of their website. Their cakes were named one of Oprah's "favorite things" in 2015.

Box Hill may name themselves a pizzeria, but their crabcakes might be more famous. They lay claim to having the perfect crabcake, made with jumbo lump fresh Maryland crab meat and the minimum amount of filler needed to hold them together.

Anyone hungry for a crabcake yet?

Visit Patch Bel Air for the rest of the list.

Photo: Getty Images

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