Baltimore Bar Offers Free Shots for Every Chris Davis Hit

To say watching the Baltimore Orioles this year has been painful is a bit of an understatement. The team is on track to be one of the worst Orioles teams ever. It makes you want to drown your sorrows in alcohol. And even one bar in Baltimore is giving away free liquor because of it, but there's a catch.

Bartender's Pub in Canton is giving out free Dr. Pepper shooters to everyone whenever the O's first baseman Chris Davis gets a hit. Which seems okay on paper until you realize how abysmal Davis has been this year. The former home-run king has only 31 hits all year in 57 games and 229 trips to the plate. Meaning you have about a 15% chance to get a free shot. 

The promotion started on Tuesday, June 12th and at the time of this writing, Davis has been on the bench for the two games played, meaning no free liquor. Even had he played in those two, there's a good chance you'd be left high and dry. If the promotion had started back on May 27th, you'd only have gotten 4 free shots in the span of about 3 weeks.

So overall, it looks like Bartenders is doing a great job at making sure no one gets drunk... at least for free.

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Top Photo Credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images

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