Report: Manny Machado Will Be Traded to Dodgers

It has been nearly a foregone connclusion that you would not see Manny Machado as a Baltimore Oriole again in the 2018 season after the All-Star Break. After a number of teams were rumored to have been bidding on Machado's services, including the Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, it seems that the Los Angeles Dodgers have come out on top of the Manny sweepstakes according to a number of reports that say a deal is in place.

Even Manny seems to know that his time with the Orioles is over. Being interviewed in the dugout during the All-Star Game, he said, "It was a tremendous honor to wear this uniform. They gave me the opportunity to come up and play in the big leagues."


Photo Credit: Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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