Caleb Joseph Calls the Orioles Organization "Shameful"

The Baltimore Orioles just lost their 107th game of the season, tied for the most in franchise history, and will likely have one of the 20 of the worst seasons in modern MLB history.

The team was out of this year's playoffs virtually after the first month of the season which is nearly incomprehensible for a team that was at or over .500 for 5 of the past 6 seasons.

And Caleb Joseph, catcher with the team since 2014, did not hold back his feelings in a recent interview.

Speaking with The Athletic, Joseph says, "I'll tell you this. I've never seen sports teams survive seasons like this without people losing jobs, period. Players, you name it. It's a privilege to be here, but you don't lose a record number of games and not expect some retribution. Everybody. Every single [person] in here should be thinking, 'You know, I should be fired because I sucked. Period.'"

The Orioles have 12 games left in the season and it wouldn't be a surprise if they lose all of them. After two more games against the Blue Jays, they wrap up the season facing the Red Sox, Yankees and Astros, the three teams with the most wins in the MLB.

As the losses piled up in 2018, the team admittedly went into rebuild mode, dealing Manny Machado, Zach Britton, Brad Brach, Kevin Gausman, Darren O'Day, and Jonathan Schoop for a bunch of prospects and international signing money. Couple that with Chris Davis who the Orioles are paying a reported $17M to hit .174 which will likely be the lowest in MLB history and it could be a long, long time before the Orioles are playoff contenders again.

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Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

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