Lamar Jackson Named Starter for Sunday Over "Fully Healthy" Joe Flacco

Despite Joe Flacco being "fully healthy" and "ready to go," Ravens head coach John Harbaugh  announced Lamar Jackson will be the team's starting quarterback heading into the game against Tampa Bay. Flacco will be Jackson's backup on Sunday, with RGIII remaining active and the team's 3rd QB.

Sunday's game against the Buccaneers will mark the first time since the start of 2008 that Flacco will not be the team's starting QB while healthy and ready to play.

Jackson left the Chiefs game in overtime last Sunday after suffering an ankle injury, but said shortly after that he was all good.

No doubt Lamar has revitalized the Ravens team, going 3-1 as the starting QB in the wake of Flacco's hip injury. The team started off 4-5 with Joe at the helm and looked like they would miss the playoffs for a third straight year before Jackson was forced into the role and tore off three straight wins against Cincinnati, Oakland and Atlanta. 

With Jackson as their quarterback, the Ravens have gone from being nearly dead last in team rushing yards to 4th in the league, averaging well over 200 yards per game for the four games. The team's revitalized rushing offense has allowed the team to much more effectively control the pace of the game paired with a stout defense that does not give up many points. 

Shortly after the announcement, Joe Flacco addressed the media, saying he didn't have much of a reaction but was "disappointed" by the news and noted he would do whatever is best for the team. It will be interesting to see if the team will use Flacco in a situation where the Ravens are losing by a bunch and need a pass attack since the team's passing game has been less prominent with Jackson.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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