Prince George's County Public Schools to Begin Teaching Financial Literacy

As part of a new budget deal that has just been passed for Prince George's County Public Schools for the next school year, the system will test out a financial literacy program for students.

One high school will launch new program at first to teach students how to be smart with their finances and how to budget their money. The school system hopes to be able to roll it out to every high school in the county and make the class a graduation requirement.

Board vice-chair Edward Burroughs says, "64 percent of our students are free or reduced (lunch) which means they live in poverty. Parents cannot pass down what they do not know, so it's important that we teach our students practical lifelong skills."

Among other things passed in the budget include the hiring of more teachers and employees to reduce class sizes, raises for current employees and a mental health amendment. The final details of the budget are set to be signed off during this summer.

Source: FOX 5 DC

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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