PRO-TIP: Do Not Buy a Large Beer at Camden Yards

The Orioles proudly announced lower prices for concessions last year for the 2018 season. The average costs of soda, beers, fries and popcorn all decreased compared to the 2017 season. The changes were done in an attempt to make more money off selling foods and drinks, which are often seen as being ridiculously overpriced. The Atlanta Falcons boasted having the lowest concession prices in all professional sports in 2015, and claimed the price drops actually made them more money because people were less apprehensive to buying them.

Draft beers at Camden Yards are sold in three sizes: Small for $4, Medium for $6 and Large for $8. Reddit user Flutiedawg decided to buy the three sizes of beers last season and compared how much beer is actually offered in each size. He demonstrates the difference between a "large" and a "medium" beer, which is essentially nothing. It's pretty obvious a "large" is not worth an extra $2. He also shows that buying two $4 small beers gets you a lot more beer than one $8 large beer. The difference between the small and medium is considerable.

Also keep in mind that the prices for beer are higher in the upper deck areas of the stadium. A small is $6.75, a medium is $8.75 and a large is $9.75.

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Esskay Orioles Hot Dogs Will No Longer Be Sold at Games, Grocery Stores

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