Maryland Boy Calls 911 After Being Left in Hot Car with Six Other Kids

A young boy called 911 after he and six other children were left in a car at a shopping center with the windows rolled up and the engine off.

The Charles County Sheriff's Office says the seven children who were in the car were from ages 2 - 4 years old and believe the oldest was the one who placed the 911 call. The boy who called told the 911 operator that they were hot but didn't know where they were.

Fortunately, deputies of Charles County were able to trace the phone call to a shopping center in Waldorf and were able to assist the children. The officers say they waited for the driver of the vehicle to return and when she did, they believe she had been away from the vehicle a total of 30 minutes.

The woman was the mother of two of the children left in the car and was babysitting the other five. She was charged with confinement of children inside a motor vehicle.

Source: AP News

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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