iTunes Is Finally Being Killed Off by Apple, Says Report

According to a report on, Apple is ending support for iTunes.

The media player software launched in 2001 and will be replaced by three new apps: Music, TV and Podcasts that cover the former app's capabilities.

While the software was initially a simple way for Apple product users to play, buy and manage music on their computers and iPods, later features added podcasts, TV shows, movies, books, university lectures and streaming music. In more recent years, iTunes has been criticized for "software bloat," a term meaning it has tried to do too much and has made simple tasks that it used to do well more difficult and puts more strain on computer hardware.

Apple hopes the three new apps will go back to the basics at performing their tasks simply. The Music app will replace the management function of Apple gadgets that is performed by iTunes.


Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images

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