Heartwarming Moment As Player Finds Out Orioles Drafted Him During a Game

Anyone who's ever picked up a glove and played baseball at any level dreams of one day playing in the MLB. And perhaps the biggest step in reaching that goal is to be drafted by a MLB team.

Kyle Stowers, who currently plays for Stanford University and is considered one of the top prospects in college, has his dream come true last night when the Baltimore Orioles took him with the 71st pick.

But the manner in which Stowers finds out he has been drafted makes it even more special.

He wasn't waiting for a phone call at home. He wasn't at practice. Heck, he didn't even find out just at a normal game.

Instead, Stowers is waiting in the on-deck circle waiting to hit when his manager walks over to him during a pitching change to deliver him the good news. Stanford was playing a game against Fresno State in a College World Series regional final game, in what was also Stowers' final college home game.

His teammates all come over to celebrate with Kyle while Fresno State's relief pitchers warms up. Unfortunately, Stowers grounded out to end the inning but in his next at-bat he hit a double. Stanford ultimately won the game 9-7 and advanced to the next stage of the College World Series and will play Mississippi State.

Source: SI.com

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