Legendary Orioles Beer Vendor "Fancy Clancy" Honored with His Own Beer Can

If you're not a diehard Orioles fans, you might not see too many familiar faces at Camden Yards these days.

But you can always count on seeing Clancy Haskett, affectionately better known as "Fancy Clancy" at the game shelling out beers.

Fancy Clancy has been a Baltimore Orioles vendor for the past 45 years, getting his start at 15-years-old by selling sodas at Memorial Stadium.

Clancy has been an Orioles icon for decades, and has been a beacon of goodness for a team that has had its ups and downs over the years.

A regular at Camden Yards got to know Fancy Clancy recently and also happened to be the owner of Escutcheon Brewing in Winchester, VA. Art Major wanted to honor Haskett with his own beer, and decided to make a pilsner-style brew that's meant to be had at a game.

Fancy Clancy Pilsner debuted at the beginning of this season. It has done well enough that Escutcheon is now putting it in cans to sell.

"As you get older, you think about what you've done in the past. After 45 years, this makes you feel appreciated – people are really giving me a little respect," Haskett says.

Source: BaltimoreMagazine.com

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