Jimmy's Seafood in Baltimore Trolls PETA with New "PETA Tears" Beer

Last year, PETA pissed off a bunch of people in Baltimore by urging them not to eat crabs. That's like telling people in Philly to stop eating cheesesteaks or people in New York to stop eating pizza. The billboard had a picture of a blue crab on it that read, "I'm ME, not MEAT. See the individual. Go Vegan."

Needless to say, it didn't go over will with the city.

Jimmy's Famous Seafood, one of Baltimore's top seafood joints, fired back at PETA with a series of tweets mocking the group as well as their own billboard which read, "SteaMEd crabs. Here to stay. Get famous."

Now they're taking it a step further by releasing a beer that takes direct aim at PETA. Because it's a beer called "PETA Tears."

The beer is an American-style lager and will be on the menu starting July 24th. One dollar from each beer sold will go to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation whose goal is to treat the health of the Bay so that crabs and other life can flourish.

"[Eating crabs] is in our DNA as Marylanders. It's a crab. It's not a cow. It's not a chicken," says Jimmy's Famous Seafood owner John Minadakis.

PETA has not made any comments regarding the beer.

Source: BaltimoreSun.com

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