Papa John's Launches First-Ever Pizza for Bees: 'Beezza' 🐝🍕

Papa John's in the UK has created the first-ever pizza for bees in hopes of raising awareness about the decline of the bee population across the world.

It's called 'Beezza' and it's a tiny pizza made with real pizza dough and wildflowers that bees can use for food and pollination.

Papa John's is also handing out packs of native wildflower seeds by way of their social media accounts in the UK so that hopefully the wildflowers will spread and create new sources of pollen for bees.

Papa John's UK marketing director Giles Codd says, "Bees are fundamental to the making of pizzas so we wanted to give them a slice of the action and create one perfect for them whilst raising awareness of the well-publicized issue of declining bee populations both here in the UK and across the globe."

The flower seeds they're handing out is in association with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Darryl Cox of the Trust says, "It may seem hard to believe but without bumblebees, there would be no pizza. Tomato plants hold their pollen in extremely tight structures and literally need a bumblebee to buzz the pollen out to fertilize the flowers."

Papa John's is also selling a "Bee Sting" pizza as part of the campaign: a pizza with spicy Amarillo chili base and topped with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, green chili and honey.

Source: The Drum

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