Shocking Video Shows Baltimore City Police Employee Being Brutally Beaten

Warning: Video Contains Disturbing Images

Twice in the span of less than a week an employee of the Baltimore City Police Department has been robbed. Last week, Deputy Commissioner Daniel Murphy and his wife were robbed at gunpoint near Patterson Park. Early Wednesday morning, a civilian employee was assaulted and had his car stolen after the assailants took his keys.

Now, video footage has surfaced of the attack on the 59-year-old civilian employee.

At around 6:00 AM, three people, who appear to be teens, including two males and one female, approach the man as he's walking down Albermarle Street. One of the males sucker-punches the BCPD employee on the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. He continues to attack him while the other two suspects appear to be compliant and taunt him.

Mayor Jack Young denounced the attack and insisted "we're going to get you."

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