Baltimore Inner Harbor Ice Rink Saved This Year Thanks to Generous Donation

Earlier this summer, it looked like the popular Inner Harbor Ice Rink in Baltimore might not open this upcoming winter. Weeks ago, the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore, who runs the ice rink, said it was having difficulty securing a sponsor for the 2019 season. If a new sponsor did not come forward by September 1st, there was a strong possibility the rink might not open.

Thanks to a sizable donation from the Joseph & Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds, the Inner Harbor Ice Rink has been saved. A spokesperson for the organization said in a news release, "Give the rink's success over recent years and the importance of preserving these kinds of programs and community gathering spaces in the City, we were happy to be part of the solution."

The $115k donation will allow the rink to open starting on November 1st and closes on January 20th.


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