Dairy Queen Says Burgers Not Made w/ Human Meat After Feds Raid Location

Dairy Queen sent out a tweet last week clarifying to a customer that the fast food chain does not use human meat in their hamburgers.

The response came a day after federal agents raided a Dairy Queen restaurant in Greenwood, South Carolina. The store's manager, Saif Momin, claims a corporate inspector told him that a complaint was made over "human meat being inside of a burger."

After news of the raid broke, it lead people to believe that the raid was legitimately over concerns of human meat hamburgers being served to customers.

Turns out, the feds had raided multiple places in the vicinity that day and were busting an unlicensed money-transfer business. Their investigation lead them to the Dairy Queen where they found out that someone had been stashing $200,000 in a safe in the store for other people to easily access.

Even still, Dairy Queen had to make a direct response to one person who questioned them about the burgers. In a somewhat odd tweet, they directly responded to a user questioning them, "do y'all use human meat at your Greenwood, S.C. location?"

Dairy Queen responded with, "At DAIRY QUEEN, we are very proud of our 100% beef hamburgers. We serve a high-quality hamburger with no additives or fillers."

The Dairy Queen location was re-opened shortly after the raid.

Source: FOX5DC.com

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