Sports Reporter Powers Through Report As Sprinkler Jets Him in the Face

A Russian sports reporter kept his composure during a live report even through some difficult circumstances.

Evgeny Evnevich was doing a live report from down on the field of VEB Arena in Moscow when the sprinklers turned on. Instead of cutting his report short, Evnevich powered through despite taking two separate jets of water to his face.

According to a translation, Evgeny is saying, "I'm going to be wet now, cause they've started to water the field. That's why I will try to speak as fast as I can. I'm getting wetter and wetter, but I will continue my... Nice! Well, I will continue my report. It will be difficult for CSKA to give a strong performance during this match... And I'm getting wetter and wetter, but I will continue talking."

Someone get this man a raise.


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