Vegan Takes Neighbor to Court Over Barbecued Meat Smells in Her Backyard

An Australian vegan says she has had her "quality of life ruined" because her neighbors keep grilling outside and she can't stand the smell.

Cilla Carden, a massage therapist in Perth, says her neighbors are also constantly smoking and their kids are always bouncing balls.

"All I smell is fish. I can't enjoy my back yard. I can't go out there," she says.

Carden took her complaints to a local court earlier this year, but the case was dismissed. She then filed an appeal to the supreme court which was rejected in July.

The supreme court says they recommend that Carden and her neighbors "direct their considerable energy towards the resolution of their differences as best they can."

But Carden says she's not ready to give up yet and plans to return to court again.


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