Girl Tees Up a Golf Ball in Her Butt Crack and It Does Not End Well

Golf is usually a pretty boring sport. So what better way to make it a little more interesting than by having two attractive women try and pull off a trick shot?

One lady who has no idea what she's getting herself into decides it's a good idea to tee up a golf ball between her cheeks and lets her friend try to hit the ball with a driver down the fairway. Despite the ball being a few inches above her rear end, the golfer misses severely and smacks the club right on her friends butt. She's lucky she didn't drive the tee into her like a nail.

Judging off the last photo of the red mark on the lady's butt cheek, you can see a couple of cans of White Claw sitting in the golf cart. Now it makes more sense how this ended up going horribly wrong.