Dr. Phil Lays Into Teen Who Thinks He's Entitled to a $1,500 Allowance

Dr. Phil recently aired an episode involving perhaps the most entitled brat I've ever witnessed in my life.

This high school kid Ronald has been getting a $1,000 monthly allowance from his mom even though he doesn't have a job and has no ambitions to. He even thinks anytime he does anything resembling a chore, his mom should pay him extra. The mom even took the smaller bedroom so Ronald could have the large closet in the master bedroom to store all of his clothing.

All this for his mom who works multiple jobs seven days a week for her entitled son who "has a habit of wearing things once, then throwing them away, which makes her feel like he doesn’t appreciate all that she does for him." Ronald is adamant that he will by no means take a cut to his allowance or take no allowance to allow his poor mother to have to work less.

Ronald was even the one to initiate the Dr. Phil intervention because he feels like he should get a raise on his allowance to $1,500 a month to "support his lifestyle" and he thinks that his mom should have no part in telling him what he can spend "his" money on.

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