Tupac Shakur Arrested in Tennessee for Meth Possession

Tupac Shakur has been found alive and is now in the hands of police.

No, no that Tupac. Just a white dude who legally changed his name to the late rapper.

40-year old Tupac Amaru Shakur of Elizabethton, Tennessee was arrested on Saturday after police apprehended him while serving an arrest warrant. Shakur initially fled the scene in his car when police arrived. Officers tracked down the vehicle and found Tupac in the passenger seat. When they tried to place him into custody, Shakur pulled a knife from his pants and threatened an officer with it but was able to be taken to the ground after a brief struggle.

Officers say they found a syringe and baggies of methamphetamine on Shakur. He is charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, simple possession of methamphetamine and having unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Source: Johnson City Press

Photo Credit: Carter County Sheriff's Department

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