Ghostly Figure Captured on Film at Bertha's in Fells Point

Fells Point in Baltimore has long been known as a place for paranormal activity due to its historic legacy and Edgar Allen Poe ties.

And this Halloween, what looks convincingly like a ghost was caught on a photo of Bertha's, the popular mussel restaurant on Broadway.

Bertha's General Manager Jennifer Forbes believes that her restaurant is haunted and is not surprised that two people on a Fells Point ghost tour caught the unexplained source of light coming from a third floor window on camera.

"That's always locked, that's where the picture was right above us," Forbes explains. She adds that she never goes to the third floor because it unsettles her. Forbes even says that "The Ghost Hunters actually found the portal and that's in there," referring to a closet on the second floor.

Source: FOX 45 Baltimore

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