Crazy "Karen" Goes HAM on Girl in Backseat Who Won't Apologize

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A popular thing going around these days is calling a middle-aged women a Karen. When you call a woman a Karen, that means she's one of those types of people that feels a strong sense of entitlement for herself and offspring, wears nothing but athletic clothing but never goes to the gym, and is most likely at a retail store asking to speak to a manager.

Classic example is contained in the video above. There's no context as to why this argument started but "Karen" feels like she deserves an apology from every occupant of the vehicle including the "b*tch ass hoe" in the backseat filming. Apparently her children are nearby in a car with the windows down and are witnessing their mom setting a great example for them, but "Karen" isn't worried because they are listening to Kidz Bop.


Woman Goes HAM on Dude on Flight for "Looking at Other Women" - Thumbnail Image

Woman Goes HAM on Dude on Flight for "Looking at Other Women"

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