Alien-Looking Dude Gets Sent to Another Dimension in Face-Slap Contest

Apparently face slap competitions are becoming a popular thing in Russia, creating a series of viral videos because watching two dudes slap each other in the face as hard as they can is hilarious.

In the latest iteration of two dudes going at it, we have one man who is built like a grizzly bear going up against a dude who looks like an alien due to his tattooed eyeballs, piercings, extensive skin tattoos and weirdly-dyed hair.

On paper, it looks like the alien dude doesn't stand a chance against Grizzly Adams. And that's how it plays out.

Alien dude slaps first, and big dude brushes it off.

Then big dude gets his chance. He swings his arm back as far as he can first to make sure he's not going to hit any spectators and that's when alien dude's sphincter tightens up. Because big dude slaps him so hard that he probably saw his life flash before his ink tattooed eyeballs and got sent into another dimension.

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