Congressman Eric Swalwell Denies Massive Fart Heard on MSNBC

If you were one of the tens of people watching MSNBC last night, you might have seen Eric Swalwell of California discussing the Impeachment Hearings during a live broadcast. And if you were paying attention, you may have heard what sounded like a massive fart during the middle of one of Swalwell's sentences while speaking about the possibility that American tax dollars went to the Ukraine to help "cheat an election."

After the clip went up on Twitter, people went berserk, convinced that Swalwell was indeed the farter due to the awkward pause in the middle of his sentence and that it could be argued he appears to be stifling a laugh right after the noise.

A Buzzfeed political reporter reached out to Swalwell directly and straight up asked him if he did in fact fart on live TV. "It was not me!!!! Ha. And I didn't hear it when speaking. It's funny tho."