Baker Attempts to Make "Heart-Shaped" Pink Macarons but Gets Something Else

If you're into cooking at home, you know trying out a new recipe sometimes results in something you didn't expect for better or worse. Here, try my chili soup. Have some lasagna casserole. Hope you like extra spicy.

One woman decided to try and bake a batch of cute pink heart-shaped macarons she probably found a recipe for on some pretentious blog after skimming through the author's life story and how the macarons changed her life.

If you've ever tried to bake cookies in the shape of something, any time there is some rise action, you will lose the definition of the shape. And when you lose the definition of a heart with a sharp point and the cookies happen to be the color pink, you end up with something that sort of looks like a heart, but looks more like something else.

The result is something perfectly summed up in the caption of the photo on Twitter: "I tried to make hearts and they turned out like ballsacks."

My 12-year-old self will now continue giggling.

Photo: @sweetplummama/Twitter

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