There's a Ravens "Big Truss" Salt Pile Near I-95 Fort McHenry Tunnel

The players on the Baltimore Ravens are getting ready to face the Tennessee Titans in the NFL Playoffs in Baltimore on Saturday night. People of the city are also getting ready for the Playoffs in their own way.

Buildings in the city are being lit up with purple light. Cars everywhere are adorned with Ravens flags and decorations.

And if you're driving on I-95 near the Fort McHenry tunnel, you'll see the purple "BIG TRUSS" salt pile.

The salt pile has the Ravens 2019 season slogan on it and if you're a Ravens fan, you know what it means.

And in case you don't know what it means, well that's fine because there's no exact definition. But here are some things that will help you out:

“It’s just a lil something we’ve got going, you know what I mean? I can’t really expand on it. We know it’s love, you know what I mean? Big love – something along those lines,” running back Mark Ingram says.

“Big Truss. It just means you’ve got your brother’s back no matter what. Rain, sleet, snow, shine. They’re out here as a family doing their thing man," says a Ravens fan.

Photo: Imgur

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