Dude Attacks Barber After Receiving a Bad Haircut then Gives Him a Haircut

Everyone's had at least one bad haircut in their lifetimes. Whether the barber takes a little too much off the top, doesn't work the fade correctly or just straight-up digs the clippers into the side of your head by mistake after forgetting to put a guard on.

This dude gets so upset over his haircut that he literally attacks the barber. Dude puts the barber into a headlock, drags him around the barbershop and basically wrestles the dude around for a couple of minutes. Then he sits the barber in one of the chairs and takes a pair of scissors and starts chopping off his hair while a small crowd begins to form outside the shop.

A simple refund would have sufficed, but dude wanted to make a statement.

Photo: WorldStarHipHop

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