This Bizarre Fells Point House for Sale Has a 15ft Pool in the Middle of It

Baltimore is a city that embraces its many eccentricities. Check out the giant pink flamingo in Hampden. Take part in the annual toilet bowl races. Buy a house with a swimming pool inside of it where the living room should be.

The house, located at 716 S Bethel Street in the historic Fells Point neighborhood is perhaps the most bizarre and confusingly decorated houses if not only in Baltimore, but anywhere.

As you enter the house, there's your standard fireplace, brickwork and staircase. Then, there's a hallway bathroom and possibly a shower? But... then right after that there's the very weirdly shaped swimming pool that is deep but not very wide smack dab in the middle of the house. And another shower and staircase for some reason.

Instead of a real upstairs, there's basically some metal platforms above the pool. There is a "kitchen" but it's basically just a couple of weird sinks, a stove and a refrigerator... and a toilet and another shower.

Someone apparently spent a lot of money doing these things to the property and it didn't seem to work out.

And it can be yours to live in for a cool $160,000!

Photo: YouTube/Inner Harbor Homes

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