Old Bay Hot Sauce Is Coming Out Tomorrow but I Need It Immediately 🌶️

I grew up close to Baltimore City and therefore I was raised on Old Bay. Steamed Crabs with Old Bay, Old Bay wings, Old Bay scrambled eggs, Old Bay and butter on corn, Old Bay chips, Roma Old Bay sausages and later Old Bay Bloody Marys and Flying Dog Dead Rise as I got older.

Finally, McCormick is releasing their latest Old Bay product: Old Bay Hot Sauce. It's coming out tomorrow (January 28) and when I saw it on Instagram, I was really excited and wondered how in the world this was not already a thing.

It's also on McCormick's website and is described as follows: "The iconic flavor of Old Bay, now in a hot sauce! Tangy with a kick of heat and Old Bay’s unique blend of herbs and spices, it makes all kinds of food all kinds of awesome."

Not to steal thunder from Frank's Red Hot, but I will be putting this ish on everything.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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