Brilliant Dude Designs Personal Bubble That Heats Up to Kill Coronavirus

Coronavirus has become a worldwide epidemic that has infected thousands of people and is even responsible for many deaths.

So obviously people want to shield themselves from being exposed to the virus whether it be by wearing medical face masks, washing their hands profusely, or by just flat out avoiding all human contact.

A Chinese architect named Dayong Sun has designed what he believes is the answer: the Be a Batman suit. It is worn like a backpack and expands to become a bubble around the wearer.

The suit has UV lights in it which supposedly heat up to a high enough temperature to kill any pathogens in the immediate vicinity in the air. I'm guessing you can also work on your tan at the same time.

Dayong says he is currently looking for an investor to turn his concept into a real product and hopes to offer it to people for free.

I have to be honest. This thing reminds me of Tom Green's SAMSE (Space Age Mobile Smoker's Environment):


Photo: Sun Dayong/Penda China

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