Quarantined Family Nails a Shot-for-Shot Cover of Journey Music Video

The quarantine situation has, for good or bad, given people some extra time on their hands. Some people have chosen to use their free time to binge-watch TV shows, read books, do puzzles, and start baking bread, among others.

Some have chosen to recreate Journey music videos.

Steven and Jana Heller of Maple Valley, Washington and their four children decided to record a shot-for-shot recreation of the 1983 classic "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" and the result is impressive. So impressive that they uploaded a video of their version side-by-side with the real music video and the results speak for themselves.

“We wanted to be able to 10 years from now, say, ‘Remember when we were stuck in our home and we did this crazy thing and it was so much fun?’” Steven said.

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