Maryland Pilot Traces Flight Path to Leave Rude Message for COVID-19

A 19-year old Towson University student wanted to express his frustration over the whole COVID-19 pandemic after his school year was disrupted and one his his friends got the virus.

Greggor Hines decided he wanted to leave a big message. And the best way he could do that was by flying a plane and making words in the sky.

On Tuesday, Hines, a licensed pilot, borrowed his dad's plane and took off from Harford County Airport. Hines says the plane was recently fitted with a new compass, and with the ForeFlight app, he could plan a route in the shape of letters to make up the words "F*** COVID-19".

After he flew the approximately 191 nautical miles in about two hours to spell out the message in the air, the flight path was made visible on the Internet.

Hines didn't tell anyone what he did but soon after the flight plan was made visible on, a public website that tracks and collects flight data in real time. People caught on and the reactions came pouring in. Hines says he saw messages like "that's brilliant, that's awesome, that's so funny."



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