5 Things in Restaurants You Will Never See Again

As Americans look forward to getting their lives back to some normalcy like there was before the pandemic, there will likely be some permanent changes made in activities that we used to do.

The restaurant industry is one that is itching to reopen their dining rooms for customers as soon as it has been deemed safe to do so. But there will be a number of permanent changes ahead if they follow the National Restaurant Association's new guide for restaurants to keep customers and employees safe.

From the guide, these 5 things you might never see in restaurants again:

  1. Preset Table Settings: the guide is recommending table presets be eliminated and silverware be distributed in tightly rolled napkins.
  2. Unwrapped Straws: the guide recommends eliminating unwrapped straws from "self-service drink stations" like those next to drink machines and stirrers for coffee.
  3. Menus That Aren't Paper or Easily Cleanable: reusable menus would need to be able to be sanitized after each use or thrown out and replaced for every customer to reduce the risk of spreading. Paper menus are being strongly encouraged over cleanable menus.
  4. Salad Bars and Buffets: these stations are potentially visited by a large number of people per day and serving utensils are touched by many people. They are recommending all salad bars and buffets to be discontinued.
  5. Lemons and Limes at Drink Stations: Just like unwrapped straws, the Association is discouraging the use of containers near drink stations that contain cut fruits for communal use.

Source: EatThis.com

Photo: Getty Images

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