City Spreads Over a Ton of Chicken Manure in Park for Social Distancing

While many states, cities and towns in the US are enforcing social distancing through laws, fines and closures, one city in Sweden is taking a different approach in the attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Lund, located in the southern part of the Scandinavian country, ordered workers to dump 1,000 kg, over a ton of chicken manure all over the city's main park to deter people for coming there to celebrate a public holiday.

The city mayor, Philip Sandberg, told CNN:

"We don't want to become an epicenter for coronavirus so we are doing what we can to fertilize the lawn and keep people safe."
"It has been proven that parks can carry a severe risk to coronavirus with the amount of people gathering in them, so this is an important measure for us to take."
"It will stink of chicken manure and won't be pleasant for people to be around, but the chicken has a lot of phosphorus and nitrogen in so the park will be nice just in time for the summer."

A video uploaded to Facebook shows the plan being put into action:


Photo: Getty Images

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