Will Ferrell Crashes Seattle Seahawks Zoom Pretending to be Greg Olsen

As social distancing continues, NFL teams are adjusting as things start to gear up for the 2020 season. As such, teams are starting to hold meetings over Zoom since they can't all get together at the training facilities.

The Seattle Seahawks held their first ever virtual team meeting on Thursday, and it was the first time a few new members of the team would make an appearance. One of them being new tight end Greg Olsen.

When Olsen was introduced, he jumped in started talking about how excited he was to be a Seahawk. Except it wasn't Olsen, it was Will Ferrell. Ferrell gushes over the opportunity to play with "Russ" Wilson and loves him so much that they should make a baby. "Olsen" also offers up a play he designed, dubbed the "90-Go-Flywheel Kanye Starburst." He also refuses to play special teams even if all 52 players are hurt.