Ocean City Beaches and Boardwalk to Reopen This Weekend

As the country slowly begins to bounce back from the height of lockdowns and social restrictions, Ocean City, Maryland will reopen partially this weekend, starting Saturday, May 9th.

Ocean City mayor Rick Meehan passed an emergency declaration to reopen the boardwalk, beaches and inlet parking lot on Saturday.

"We're just opening the inlet parking lot, boardwalk and beaches for some fresh air," says City Council Secretary Mary Knight. "I think it was an excellent idea... We need to take baby steps."

Hotels and many businesses will still be closed but city leaders have scheduled for hotels to be able to reopen May 22nd.

Knight reiterated that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's executive orders are still in effect, meaning people who do take advantage of Ocean City's "reopening" will still need to maintain social distancing guidelines and comply with the state's orders on coronavirus.

Brad Bell of ABC7 adds that the order is meant for locals of Ocean City and is not intended for visitors to come due to the stay-at-home order still in effect in Maryland.

Source: FOX Baltimore

Photo: Getty Images

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